Post Affiliate Pro vs iDevAffiliate

We are starting a series of articles comparing two leaders in affiliate marketing software – Post Affiliate Pro and iDevAffiliate. Both affiliate tracking systems are in the same price range so we are going to analyze the differences betwen them.

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If you are comparing Post Affiliate Pro vs iDevAffiliate we are going to list 13 major advantages of Post Affiliate Pro:

1. Unlimited Sites

You can install  Post Affiliate Pro on a separate domain and track affiliate sales on all your websites.

With iDevAffiliate you are going to need a separate install (and a separate license for every domain).

2. SEO Links

Post Affiliate Pro lets you use SEO Anchor Links that look like (http://www NULL.yoursite (refid=referral ID) which is the greatest affiliate link format for SEO. Anchors are usually used to point to a certain section of a webpage, so everything after the anchor is disregarded by Google, hence this is a direct link from a relevant website in the search engine’s eyes. You can also use DirectLink technology and let affiliates link to you without any affiliate parameters in the URL, just like (http://www NULL.yoursite The click will be tracked using HTTP REFFERER and the affiliate will get their commission for the referred sale.

With iDevAffiliate you can buy a SEO Links module for $99 and have your affiliate links turned into (http://www NULL.yoursite NULL.html). This method is obsolete compared to Post Affiliate Pro’s solution.

3. Multiple Languages

Post Affiliate Pro is available in 25 languages which give you power to attract affiliates (and customers) from more countries. Both merchant and affiliate interfaces are translated, email notifications are sent in the affiliate’s language and you can have custom pages (affiliate tutorials, etc.) also shown in their native language. You can build a truly multinational business with Post Affiliate Pro!

iDevAffiliate offers 5 languages for $50.

4. Source Code Provided

Post Affiliate Pro comes with open source code which means you or your webmaster can edit or create your own themes for the merchant or affiliate panels. Editing the themes is simple if you know some CSS, PHP and Starty codes. You can fully customize the affiliate panel  in Post Affiliate Pro.

iDevAffiliate comes encoded so you do not know what happens in the box and your customization options are basically limited to buying another template from  iDevAffiliate.

5. Pay per Anything

With Post Affiliate Pro you can pay your affiliates for any action taken by the visitor you refer. And when we say “any” we mean it. This is something you cannot find in iDevAffiliate.

6. Unlimited Tiers

Post Affiliate Pro lets you reward unlimited number of tiers whereas with iDevAffiliate you can have only 2 tier commissions.

7. Commissions Vary by Product

With Post Affiliate Pro you can pay  let’s say one level of commission for some products and another level of commissions for other products. Let’s say you can pay 30% commission for cheap products and 10% for expensive products.  This function is crucial when your margin for various products vary.

8. Split Commissions

Another important advantage of Post Affiliate Pro is split commissions. Imagine a situation when a user searches for your type of product and comes to the website of Affiliate A. He reads the review of your product, comes to your website through the affiliate link but has not decided on buying yet. Next morning he forgets your website name and goes to Google, types your product name, visits another affiliate site and comes to your website through Affiliate B. Then decides to look for more reviews and decides to buy through Affiliate C because he offers an incentive – a free ebook or something else. With iDevAffiliate the commission will be credited to Affiliate A or Affiliate C.

So let’s say Afffiliate A gets the commission – who is not happy? Everyone else!

The customer does not get his freebie from Affiliate C,

Affiliate C does not get the commission he deserves for persuading the client to buy and

Affiliate B sees a tracked click that did not result in a sale (= Low EPC that results in unwillingness to work with this merchant).

If Affiliate C gets the commission Affiliate B is still not happy and Affiliate A does not get the commission he deserves for introducing the client to your product.

With Post Affiliate Pro every affiliate can get their commission! You can split the commission equally between all affiliates or pay a bigger part of the commission to the first and/or the last affiliate.

9. Page Replication

With Post Affiliate Pro you can set up a website with affiliate variables so when a customer visits, let’s say (http://www NULL.yoursite he can see the name, email, photo, phone number, etc. of the affiliate who referred them.  This is a powerful tool that allows every affiliate to have their own page with a success story or a review that they can promote.

iDevAffiliate does not have this feature.

10. Offline Marketing and Discount Coupons

Affiliates can use promote with discount coupons both offline (like print them and distribute fliers) and online. When the coupon is used the merchant enters the coupon into the affiliate software the affiliate gets the commission for the sale. You can run campaigns both at your website and at your brick and mortar shop!

iDevAffiliate has limited offline marketing functions.

11. Geographic Filtering

Post Affiliate Pro lets you filter the clicks, leads or sales by countries. If you pay for clicks or leads and interested let’s say only in clients in your own country, you can cut costs dramatically by filtering out the traffic from all other countries.

12. Affiliate Tracking Codes on your “Thank you” page

Affiliate tracking codes on your “Thank you” page is something very desirable for super affiliates who have their own tracking systems. This function is available in Post Affiliate Pro but not in iDevAffiliate.

13. Fraud Protection

Post Affiliate Pro has extensive fraud protection tools. You can minimize click fraud, sales/lead/action fraud and signup fraud by blacklisting certain IP ranges or countries.

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