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Post Affiliate Pro 4 is our new generation affiliate software. I have been using Post Affiliate Pro since late 2008 and can say that I am quite an advanced user of this affiliate tracking system. If you are considering starting your own affiliate program I can share with you some tips and help you decide if Post Affiliate Pro might be right for you.

Post Affiliate Pro Pricing

There are 3 versions of Post Affiliate Pro – Xpress($199), Professional($299) and Ultimate($999). Post Affiliate Pro Professional seems like the best value for the money but you can see the comparison chart (http://www NULL.qualityunit on their website and decide which one is best for you.

Cool Merchant Interface

Below are screenshots of Post Affiliate Pro Merchant panel. Default theme is Blue Aero which is like having a separate operating system in your browser – you can open multiple windows, use widgets and there is a quick launch bar at the bottom.

Flexible Affiliate Mini-site and Signup Form

The affiliate mini-site is used to tell potential affiliates the details about your affiliate program. It’s fully customizable and you can set it up from your merchant control panel.

Signup form has lots of fields that you can make customize or disable anytime. Remember, when it comes to signup forms the less is better, do not require affiliates to provide information you do not really need.

Customizable Affiliate Interface

Post Affiliate Pro is a very comprehensive affiliate software and when I recommended it to a few people nobody said it’s too basic or did not have some feature they wanted. However you can make it as simple as you need, all from the merchant panel!

Reliable Tracking

Post Affiliate Pro has three-level tracking: cookies, Flash cookies and IP tracking. Flash cookies are a great thing for tracking affiliate referrals because they work across different browsers. Even if a user cleared cookies most likely they will still have Flash cookies because 98% of Internet users do not know what they are, let alone how to remove them. Even if there are no cookies stored on the visitor’s computer there is still the IP address which will be used for tracking.

SEO Friendly Pretty Links

Traditionally “SEO-friendly links” mean links that look like They use a series of redirects to redirect users (and search engines) to the landing page. This is an obsolete type of links and is not effective as it used to be.

Post Affiliate Pro was probably the first affiliate tracking software that used “anchor links” for affiliate tracking. Anchor is used in HTML as a command to the browser to jump to a certain part of the page. Search engine ignore them and for them a link with an anchor is equal to a regular link.

What’s even better, both for the merchant and affiliates, is DirectLink technology, i.e. tracking by referrer. Affiliates do not have to bother with redirects to make links look nice and the merchant gets the SEO advantage because they get natural links pointing to their site.

Unlimited Sites, Unlimited Affiliates, Unlimited… Everything

The great thing about Post Affiliate Pro is that it does not impose some artificial limits to make you upgrade to a more expensive package.

Reward Top Affiliates

When you run your affiliate program most likely you will contact great affiliates who successfully promote competing products and you will need to make then an offer they will not refuse. With Post Affiliate Pro you can pay, let’s say, 30% default commission and 50% commission to your top affiliates.
Moreover, you can create a set of rules, like if an affiliate sells more than X items per month they will receive a higher commission for all their sales. This is just an example, the rules are very flexible.

Great for International Affiliate Programs

Post Affiliate Pro supports multiple currencies so if you have localized shops for other countries sales in other currencies will be recalculated into the main currency. And it’s easy to work with overseas affiliates too. Post Affiliate Pro software is translated into over 20 languages so affiliates will feel comfortable even if they do not know English well. And unlike other affiliate tracking scripts it supports mass payouts not only through Paypal Mass Pay but also Moneybookers, and any other mass payment system.

Post Affiliate Pro is a great value for the money, it’s regularly updated and the support is great. If you are reading this review on a weekday you can go to the developers’ website (http://www NULL.qualityunit right now and see if there is a Live Chat button in the top right corner, I bet it’s there and you can ask any question about Post Affiliate Pro in real time. Support works 24/5 and this is really cool to have somebody answer your questions when you are setting up the software and are stuck at something.

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